Welcome to the home planet of award-winning freelance animation director, animator, writer and sometimes cartoonist Dan Hartney. Below you'll find some of my work as director and animator, plus concept art, storyboards and cartoons. Feel free to send me an intergalactic message at anytime - email: dan@theplanetofanimation.com

DanHartney_Megamind DanHartney_SpaceChimps DanHartney_Wanted DanHartney_Megamind DanHartney_Megamind DanHartney_Penguin DanHartney_SpaceChimp DanHartney_SpaceChimp DanHartney_SpaceChimp DanHartney_Wanted DanHartney_Wanted DanHartney_Wanted DanHartney_Pancake DanHartney_Kmart No Romeo Meadow DanHartney_Greenlight DanHartney_Greenlight DanHartney_StarWars DanHartney_Allens Virgin KebabCO Virgin K-MART TOYS Vic Uni Holden DanHartney_War DanHartney_PestControl DanHartney_Sugarush DanHartney_TheySaid DanHartney_Buckethead DanHartney_Council DanHartney_BunnyMonroe DanHartney_MLC DanHartney_RumJungle DanHartney_Doritos KebabCOStreaming Video to Website by VideoLightBox.com v1.11

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